14K Bracelet with Lobster Clasp
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    14K Bracelet with Lobster Clasp


      Introducing the stunning 14K Bracelet with Lobster Clasp from Lisa T. Fine Jewelry - the perfect accessory to add a touch of luxury and sophistication to any outfit. This exquisite bracelet is crafted from the finest 14K white gold and features 2.5 carats of shimmering diamonds. The diamonds used in this bracelet are of the highest quality, with a clarity grade of (SI), which means that they have inclusions (imperfections) that are slightly visible under magnification. However, these inclusions are typically not visible to the naked eye and do not affect the overall beauty and sparkle of the diamonds.

      The color grade of the diamonds is (H), which means that they are nearly colorless and have a subtle hint of yellow or brown. This is a testament to the exceptional quality and value of this bracelet, as H-grade diamonds are considered to be of high quality and are a popular choice for fine jewelry.

      The bracelet measures 7 inches in length and is secured with a lobster clasp for a comfortable and secure fit. The diamonds are expertly cut and arranged to create maximum brilliance and sparkle, ensuring that this bracelet catches the eye and captures the heart of anyone who sees it.

      Whether worn alone as a statement piece or paired with other jewelry for a more layered look, the 14K Bracelet with Lobster Clasp from Lisa T. Fine Jewelry is a true testament to the expert craftsmanship and attention to detail that Lisa T. Fine Jewelry is renowned for. With its timeless design and exquisite materials, this bracelet is a piece that you'll treasure for years to come.